What is Healing?

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What is healing? How do we heal? Can others heal me even if I resist their efforts?

Because we are in this 3 dimensional world and possess a physical ‘body’ we, as humans, are challenged with the dilemma of having to heal wounds to our physical form. The age-ol

d question of “How” has puzzled mankind since the beginning of Time.

We turn to the traditional medical model to ‘fix’ what breaks. But there is more to healing than that.

There is emotional healing, physical healing, spiritual healing, mental healing etc. Each ‘body’ requires a unique attention to bring about health and wholeness. The word Doctor means “teacher” and yet we struggle with the modern medical model and how we are ‘fixed’ without understanding the subtle nature of true healing.

I know from my experiences (as I am older now) that my idea of healing also was that o

f a male, God, coming down and FIXING me when I needed repairs, to whatever part of my being that seemed diseased. Even reading the Course in Miracles, I still expected somehow, that an angel would appear and with a magic wand, touch my head and I’d be better ! I thought my participation in my healing was not needed – it was done “to” me by something outside myself.

In the last few years, I have come to truly realize that MY participation is indeed necessary, and a change of mind about myself is critical to my healing. Yes, I had miraculous healings but my old patterns of self-depreciation were still intact. And so, I would get ill again and again. Finally I got it !

The answer is LOVE. Dynamic and healing LOVE. Love is the fabric that binds us to one another and more important binds ourselves to our Self. We need to go deep within and make major changes to the way we relate to ourselves and to the world around us. I can’t heal someone else, but I can help them heal themselves.

A newborn without Love will be sickly and perish. They call it Failure to Thrive. As adults, we suffer from this as well, only we name it chronic fatigue, auto immune disease, depression etc. Most don’t have an apparent remedy because they have to do with the way we relate to ourselves! Do we love ourselves or hate ourselves?

If I turn this failure to thrive against myself, if I weaponized it and terrorize myself with it and push those around me away, I do not heal.

Can I change this? YES. Do I need help and support to do this? YES. God dependency is the first step. It doesn’t mean we don’t get medical help to set the broken bone, or to excise the appendix. But the rest of healing is up to each of us! In our Dark Night of the Soul, in the deep recesses of our heart and mind, our relationship with God is at the center of our healing. Here’s where the hard work begins!

My Story:

Rev. Joan Rogers
Rev. Joan Rogers

I share with my readers from my own personal experience and 35 year spiritual journey to find answers and to be at

peace. Have I explored every avenue of learning both traditionally and esoterically? Yes. And I kept coming back to my Christian roots - my Western roots - and the miracles I have been given. Do I include traditions from the East?Most certainly. But they have ALL come together under one 'roof' ....my mind... and joined in perfect harmony. Everything True supports everything True.

Love & Light, Joan

Next Steps...

Your call to action is to be graceful and humble enough to ask for help and allow yourself to RECEIVE the help you are given. All doubt is Self-Doubt and your biggest obstacle to your healing ! Unaccepting of your own holiness and the Light you carry within you, will catapult you into the 'victim' role as you doubt God hears your call and answers it. Feeling alone and abandoned, we loose HOPE. None of this could be farther from the TRUTH.


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