Full Spectrum Healing

Full Spectrum Healing

Healing is a rebirth – it touches every aspect of your life on all levels. A willingness to explore and expose anything keeping you in the ‘dark’ shadow of sickness or unhappiness will bring about a wonderful peace. Loving and forgiving yourself is then possible because Light and Love are now your companions. It becomes a new way of being in the world and free at the same time.

Joyful Wedding Ceremony

Mark and Rebecca are such a wonderful couple. It is such a joy to officiate at a wedding ceremony and create a custom wedding just as the bride and groom imagined it. I wanted to include this work because it gives me a chance to be present for those embarking on a holy relationship of love and respect. When asked, I counsel a couple before their formal commitment witnessed by family and close friends.

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A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles, written in love- it’s purpose is to heal and erase the shadows you carry and awaken in you the memory of your Divine Nature and Sacred Soul. This transformation is guided by our Divine Will, to ‘Choose Again’ to honor your Reality and deny that which is not of Love and Light.

Reverend Joan Rogers

Joan Rogers

A Story of Miraculous Healing

“For many years I experienced great fatigue and pain. The doctors did not have a diagnosis and their only remedy was amphetamines to get me up in the morning and sleeping pills to put me to sleep in the evenings, hopefully getting me out of my wheelchair. I said “NO” and, leaving the medical profession behind, I began an exceptional spiritual journey to regain my health and happiness. I am ready now to share my journey and witness to the healing power of Love and Light.”

I have relocated this past year to Asheville, North Carolina to resume my teaching/healing work. I have an office in Asheville and am offering Sunday sacred gatherings, guided meditations, workshops and one-on-one healing sessions. (See Events)

I combine the practices of Soul Recovery work, sacred affirmations, Shadow work, prayer, guided meditations and other related healing techniques to support Full Spectrum Healing services. I am a Certified Assertiveness Coach as well. Classes and workshops are held regularly, and I am available for speaking engagements.

I hold firm to the belief that Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit integration promotes lasting healing. Throughout this website and blogs, I continue to share my healing journey with my readers.

A Little Background

As an ordained non-denominational minister, Joan has served her community, both locally and internationally over the last 30 years.  For 7 years she focused on personalized, custom weddings while living in Wisconsin and the Chicago suburbs. In 1999, Joan founded a Prison Ministry and for almost 10 years served inmates around the world and offered a Miracle Addiction Recovery program in the WI. prison system, which focused on A Course in Miracles, The New Testament and the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. She travelled to present the program wherever invited throughout the US. Joan’s degree is in services for special or challenged populations.

Since 2002, Joan has offered A Course in Miracles classes and workshops while networking with other teachers around the United States. She participated in the United Nations as a delegate for prison reform, offered presentations at the Gandhi-King Peace Train conference and traveled overseas as a teacher.

In 2009 she founded Spirit of Charity Church, which served her local area.  She was also a Chaplain on call at her local hospital and offered Sunday services in health care facilities.

A book is forthcoming, recounting her journey from severe illness and disability to a full recovery through the same practices she now offers her clients.

For All Lightworkers

Lightworkers are being called to 'active duty' is this present day world. I will attempt in this website to express many experiences and writings that I have had the miraculous gift of knowing.

From teaching in the prison system to being a delegate at the United Nations, I have had the privilege of serving my fellow mortals. This new year is just the beginning of a gathering of Light-workers and others dedicated to healing and Peace. Join me...